Making Courses Available to Students

The word (unavailable) may appear after your course link in Blackboard Learn:

Course link with the word unavailable

You may know that all courses are imported with a Start Date and End Date, which regulate when students are able to view your course content, but if your course is (unavailable), it will not be seen by students when the Start Date arrives! 

By default, courses are imported from Banner to Blackboard as “unavailable”.  Courses must be made available in order to be provide access to students.  If you see (unavailable) following your course link, and you want your students to have access to your Blackboard content when the course begins, please do the following:

1. Click your course link to enter the course.

course link

2. On the Control Panel, click Customization.  Then click Properties.

Control Panel Customization Properties

3. Under Set Availability, you will see Make Course Available, with “No” currently selected:

Course availability no

Switch it to “Yes”:

course availability yes

4.  Click Submit.

Your course will no longer show the (unavailable) label, and on the Start Date of your course, students will be able to access your content!

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