Overwhelmed by Your Blackboard Course List? Hide Old Courses You No Longer Need!

When you log into Blackboard, you’ll see all the courses for which you are enrolled as an instructor.  If you’ve been teaching for multiple semesters, this list can get unwieldy and overwhelming!

My Institution - Course List

Good news!  You can hide old courses from the list.  Here’s how…


Roll your mouse cursor over the My Courses title bar, and click the gear icon that appears:

Manage My Courses Button

Next, select Group by Term:

Checkmark next to Group by Term

Using the term dates as a guideline, click to un-checkmark those terms you no longer need to see:

This will hide whole semesters at a time from your course list!

Note: these courses are only hidden (NOT deleted), and you can return to re-checkmark/view them again at any time.



If there are courses on your list not assigned to a term, you may hide them individually by scrolling down and clicking to un-check the course under the Course Name column:




You also have the option to reorder courses (or terms), by rolling your mouse cursor over any course (or term), clicking and holding the arrow at left, and dragging the course (or term) up or down:

Course list with arrow for rearranging



Click Submit to solidify all your changes for this channel (see below for “Courses” Tab):

Submit button



Unfortunately, the “My Courses” channel on the My Institution tab and the “Course List” channel on the Courses tab are not synced.

To avoid confusion, click Courses from the top menu, and repeat this process with the Course List:

Courses link in top menu

Now you’re all set to enjoy a cleaner, simpler course list!  🙂

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