Blackboard Learn Resources

OCC’s BbLearn Quick Lessons

Eric Wilson, of OCC, has created PDF documents demonstrating important aspects of Blackboard Learn.

GWC’s Archived CCC Confer Webinars

We held a series of webinars to cover the basics of Blackboard Learn. You can view the recorded archives at the CCC Confer website:

  1. Visit the CCC Confer Archives Site
  2. Type “gwc” in the “Search Archives” field.
  3. Click “Find Archives”.
  4. Start at the bottom of the list to view the sessions chronologically, and click “Archives”.
  5. Enter your information, and click “Connect”.

Blackboard Suggestion Box

If there is something that is functioning properly, but not ideally, in Blackboard Learn, or if there is a feature you would like added to the system, please submit it to Blackboard’s Product Suggestion Box.

System information needed for filling out the suggestion box form:
– our product is Blackboard Learn
– our version is 9.1

External Resources

There are many great resources on the web, provided by Blackboard and other Blackboard Learn users.

Respondus Resources

Respondus is a useful program that simplifies the process of importing tests to Blackboard Learn. We have a campus-wide license for Respondus, so you can download and use it for your course. (Please contact the Online Instruction Department for details.)

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