GWC Canvas Course Template

Starting a new class?  Be sure to import the GWC Template first!  🙂

The GWC Template will provide a basic layout, and you can just fill in your content!  This helps save you time in course building, and gives our students some familiarity in course navigation.  But don’t worry – you can completely customize the template order, naming, etc., to your needs.

Choose any one of the following options:

  • 16 Week Online/Hybrid
  • 8 Week Online/Hybrid
  • Face-to-Face Template (16 weeks, no Quiz/Discussion/Assignment placeholders)


  1. Download and save the .imscc file of your choice to your computer – don’t try to open the .imscc file – it won’t work!
  2. Then view the “How-To-Import-Template” .pdf file for instructions on how to import the .imscc file to your Canvas course.

All three versions available via our GWC Template Dropbox Folder (note: you do not need to sign up for Dropbox to download these files).