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New to Blackboard?

See our Getting Started Guide.
Then get familiar with the Text Editor and Course Menu.
You can even change your course colors with Course Themes.

Managing Your Course From Semester to Semester?

  1. Copy Your Course Content from one course to another.
  2. Set your Course Availability, so that students will be able to see your content when the first day of class arrives.
  3. Update your Syllabus, course content (as needed), and the dates on your course objects (assignments, folders, tests, etc.).
  4. Optional but recommended: Archive your previous semester’s course(s), and download/save the archive file(s) to your computer as a backup.
  5. Optional but recommended: Hide (Previous Semester) Course Links from your Blackboard course lists.



Build Content:

Content Management:

Course Menu (the menu on the left side):

Course Reports:

  • All User Activity Inside Content Areas – Total clicks for each area of your course, and total clicks for each area per student.
  • Course Activity Overview – How many hours each student spent in the course, average hours spent, and popular times of day.
  • Overall Summary of User Activity – Summary of activity within course tools (including Discussions), user activity by date, summary of activity by hour of the day and day of the week.
  • Student Overview for Single Course -Individual student’s total hours of activity (broken down by day of the week), number of items visited, and number of log-ins.  Also, a detailed breakdown of student activity by item/area of the course.
  • User Activity In Forums – Total user clicks and posts for each discussion forum, individual users’ activity (for each forum and by date), and total activity in forum by date.

Discussion Forums:

 Grade Center – Basics:

  • Create Columns – create new columns for manually entered scores (Blackboard creates columns automatically for graded assignments, tests, discussions, etc.)
  • Download Spreadsheet – archive student grades at the end of a semester, or download the file to enter scores offline.
  • Enter Scores – manually type in scores for an in-class activity.
  • Hiding Columns – from students, and from yourself.
  • Letter Grade – have Blackboard assign a letter grade, based on your percentages and the students’ points in the Total Column.
  • Total Column – have Blackboard calculate the student’s total points, based on your chosen formula.
  • View Attempt – view a student’s assignment or test submission.

Grade Center – Beyond the Basics:

  • Categories – organize columns into categories, to drop lowest scores, weight grades (example: all quizzes = 15% of grade), and more.
  • Reorganize Columns – sort the columns into your preferred order.
  • Smart Views – utilizing Categories, create Grade Center views that only display certain items of interest for easy grading.
  • Upload Spreadsheet – after downloading the template spreadsheet from Blackboard, you can add scores in excel, and upload the file/scores to Blackboard.




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