@ONE Free Lunchtime Webinar: Designing for Educational Equity and Accessibility

I’ve just signed up to attend this Webinar on Educational Equity and Accessibility, hosted by @ONE.

Accessible design in your course is not only important, ethically speaking and for ideal student engagement, but it is also a legal requirement for all classes. I hope you’ll join me in learning more about this critical issue! 🙂

Date: April 27, 2017
Time: 12:00-1:00 PM PST
Fees: Free

Description: “Higher education is crucial in today’s society for social mobility. This is why we must promote educational equity through the use of accessible technology. With the growing diversity of our student population, we must actively strive to utilize and create engaging bite-size course content that is accessible to all. During this presentation we will explain how to create engaging accessible content in Google Docs, Canvas and Office 365. In addition we will provide resources for creating your online course content.”

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Test Accommodation Process for Students with Disabilities

Some students have disabilities which hinder their timed-test taking abilities. In this blog post, I will explain how the Disabled Students Programs and Services Department (DSPS) has chosen to handle the test-taking accommodation process for online classes.

Although Online Instruction plays a small part in facilitating the test-taking accommodations, all accommodations are provided through DSPS.

Step 1: Student Submits Accommodation Request

Students with disabilities must request testing accommodations through the link provided in the GWC Campus Links box, which is visible on their My Institution page, when they log into Blackboard:

GWC Campus Links Box with Accommodations Request link

Instructors may also provide students with the direct URL:

The student fills out and submits the form, which initiates the process.

Step 2: DSPS Contacts Instructor

After confirming that the student has an active file with verification of their disability, a representative from the Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) Department will email the instructor.

The representative will offer to handle the testing accommodations within the Blackboard course, but will also let the instructor know what accommodations are necessary, should the instructor choose to carry out the accommodations process themselves.

Step 3: Instructor Input is Needed

At this point, there are three potential outcomes:

  1. The instructor replies to DSPS, indicating that they wish to handle the accommodations on their own.
  2. The instructor replies to DSPS, requesting that DSPS handle the accommodations (outlined below).
  3. If the instructor does not reply within a reasonable amount of time, DSPS will handle the accommodations (outlined below), so the student does not fall behind in their coursework.

NOTE:  If tests have not yet been created in the course, accommodations cannot be provided by DSPS.
Please create tests before replying to DSPS’s inquiry.  If you are going to create your tests one at a time, throughout the semester, you will need to notify DSPS after creating each test, so they can edit the settings, or you will need to ensure you apply accommodations to each test you create.

Step 4: DSPS Provides Accommodations

Upon receiving the instructor’s request for accommodations (or if no response is received), the DSPS representative will gain access to the Blackboard course, and edit the Test Options for each available test, adding an exception that will create the proper accommodation for the student.

These accommodations will not affect the other students or be visible to the other students in any way.