Blackboard Calendar Can Be Pushed to Outlook, Google, or iPhone Calendars

Blackboard calendar events can be pushed out to third party calendars (examples: Outlook and Google) through an iCalendar feed. Once the iCalendar feed is set up on a third party calendar, updates to events are automatically reflected on the third party calendar.

Blackboard Learn’s iCalendar feed’s refresh time is 4 hours, but the actual refresh rate will depend on the third party calendar being used. (Google, for example, checks more often than Outlook.)

Obtain iCalendar Feed Link

1. Click the My Blackboard menu:

My Blackboard Menu

2. Click the calendar icon:

Calendar Icon on My Blackboard Menu

3. Below the list of calendars click the button “Get External Calendar link”:

Get External Link Calendar Button

PLEASE NOTE:  This calendar link is unique to your account.  Do not share the link with others.  You can guide them to find/copy their own external calendar link.

4. Copy the URL with the .ics extension to use in the following integration instructions, provided by Blackboard.

Google Calendar

  1. Click the down-arrow next to Other calendars
  2. Select Add by URL from the menu
  3. Enter the Blackboard Learn iCalendar URL in the field provided
  4. Click the Add Calendar button. The calendar will appear in the Other Calendars section of the calendar list to the left.

Microsoft Outlook

  1. In Account Settings choose the Internet Calendars tab.
  2. Click on New and Paste the iCalendar URL you copied from Blackboard Learn into the location and click Add.


Option 1

  1. Select “Settings
  2. Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Select “Add Account…” under “Accounts
  4. Select “Other” at the bottom
  5. Select “Add Subscribed Calendar
  6. Type the iCalendar URL. Select “Next”.

Option 2

  1. Mail the iCalendar URL ending in .ics to the email account set up on your iPhone.
  2. Open the email on your phone and click the URL.
  3. iPhone recognizes the .ics extension as a calendar and prompts you to subscribe. Choose yes.

Mac iCal

  1. Open iCal
  2. From the Calendar menu, choose Subscribe
  3. Next, enter the iCalendar URL from Blackboard Learn into the field Calendar URL
  4. Click Subscribe.


  1. Go to
  2. Click + icon next to Subscribed.
  3. Choose Subscribe to other calendars.
  4. Enter the iCalendar URL from Blackboard Learn in ical address and enter a display name.

Additional notes – Yahoo cannot subscribe to the URL if the server IP address is specified instead of the server name.


Android does not provide an option to directly There is no direct way to subscribe to an .ics feed in Android yet. The workaround is to subscribe to the feed through Google Calendar.

  1. Subscribe to the Blackboard Learn calendar in Google. using the steps described in the section for ‘Google’ above.
  2. Go to the Android phone
  3. Applications -> Calendar
  4. Menu -> More -> Settings
  5. Calendars
  6. View the Blackboard Learn calendar you subscribed to in Google.

Windows Live

  1. Go to
  2. Click on subscribe
  3. Choose Subscribe to a public calendar
  4. Paste the iCalendar URL in Calendar URL.
  5. Enter a Calendar Name.
  6. Click ‘Subscribe to Calendar‘ button.

What’s New in Blackboard in Service Pack 10

The following features, new to Blackboard in Service Pack 10, are available now!

My Blackboard

My Blackboard displays important information from all courses in one centralized location.  This makes it easy for you and your students to quickly become aware of updates and new activity in your courses.

My Blackboard also includes a streamlined and stylized version of My Grades, for students.

View a video overview of My Blackboard.


The Calendar has been modernized in style and function.

It now automatically reflects any due dates (but not display after/until dates) that you add to tests/assignments/grade center columns!  Editing entries is as easy as clicking them to change their information, or just clicking and dragging them to a different date!  And due dates changed from within the calendar will also be updated in their corresponding test/assignment/grade center column.

The calendar can also synchronize with your Outlook/iCal/Google Calendar.  Scroll down to look for the “Get External Calendar Link” button in the lower left corner.

View a video overview of the new Calendar.

Text Editor

The Text Editor appears to you and your students, in many areas throughout the Blackboard course.

With this update, you can now copy/paste directly from Microsoft Word (without risking faulty coding).  There is a full-screen view, and also a convenient word count in the lower right corner.

Hint: Click the “i” icon in the upper right of the text editor menu to view a legend of all icon functions.

View a video overview of the new Text Editor.

Item Analysis on Tests

Item Analysis provides statistics on student test performance, to help you recognize questions that could be improved, or may have been scored incorrectly.

Questions are marked as poor discriminators when students who generally performed well on the test chose the incorrect answer for the question.  Question difficulty is determined by the percentage of students who answered the question correctly.

Questions that may need review due to poor discrimination and/or difficulty are indicated with red dots.  The test questions can be adjusted from within the Item Analysis area, and the student attempts will be automatically regraded, based on any changes made.

View a video overview of Item Analysis.

For more information, please visit Running Item Analysis on a Test, on Blackboard’s Help Site.