My Messages: Message Notifications from ALL your courses in ONE place!

Have you ever been frustrated by having to enter each course and click the Messages tool, just to see if you have any new mail from students?  We’ve got a module for that!

The My Messages module displays how many unread messages exist within your courses, and provides a direct link to the Messages area of each course!

My Messages Module

Want to add this to your Blackboard account? Here’s how:

1. Log into Blackboard. On your “My Institution” tab, click “Add Module”.

Add Module button

2. Locate “My Messages” and click “+ Add”.

Add module button

3. Click the “My Institution” tab to return.

click the My Institution tab

4. The module will likely appear underneath your My Courses module, but may appear elsewhere.  Scroll down, and look around the page to find it.

You may click-and-drag the module’s green title bar, to move the My Messages module anywhere on the page.

My Messages module above My Courses module on the Blackboard My Institution page

Once you have added and placed this module, you will always know when you have new messages from students, without having to go through each course just to check!