Determining “No-Show” Students in Online Classes

Due to California state mandates (Title V – section 58004), you are required to drop “No-Show” students from your course, prior to the Census Date for the class. In traditional, face-to-face classes, you can take roll to determine who has not showed up, but what about in online classes?

The Grade Center in Blackboard Learn comes equipped, by default, with a “Last Access” column.  This column shows the most recent date on which your students accessed your course.

If a student’s entry in the “Last Access” column is blank, it means that they have never accessed the course. 

Screen capture of the grade center showing the last access column with some cells having dates and some blank

As the instructor of an online class, you determine how many days the students have to access the class, before you consider them a “No-Show” and drop them, provided you do so before Census Date.

You may drop students any time after the first day of class, but prior to the withdrawal deadline, by logging into your MyGWC account and following the procedures for dropping students as noted in the MyGWC Faculty Guidelines manual.