ACE Testing Accommodation Process

Some students have disabilities which hinder their timed-test taking abilities. In this blog post, I will explain how the test-taking accommodation process is handled for online classes.

Although Online Instruction assists with these test taking accommodations, all other accommodations are provided through the Accessibility Center for Education.

Please Note:

Once testing accommodations have been provided by Online Instruction,
if you make any changes to your regular tests or test options,
you must also make the same changes to the ACE tests.

If you create new tests, you must also make copies of the new tests for the ACE student,
or contact Online Instruction (after creating the new test), to request that an ACE copy be made.

Step 1:  Student Submits Accommodation Request

ACE students must request testing accommodations through the link provided in the GWC Campus Links box, which is visible on their My Institution page, when they log into Blackboard:

GWC Campus Links Box with Accommodations Request link

Instructors may also provide students with the direct URL:

The student fills out and submits the form, which initiates the process.

Step 2: ACE Contacts Instructor

After confirming that the student has an active file with verification of their disability, a representative from the ACE Department will email the instructor, requesting approval for a member of Online Instruction to enter the course, to provide accommodations.

At this point, the instructor can choose to handle the ACE accommodations on their own, or to continue with the rest of the process outlined here.

Step 3: Instructor Provides Permission

The instructor must reply to ACE’s inquiry, providing permission for Online Instruction to enter their Blackboard course.

If tests have not yet been created in the course, Online Instruction cannot provide accommodations.  Please create tests before replying to ACE’s inquiry.  (If you are going to create your tests one at a time, throughout the semester, you will need to notify Online Instruction after creating each test, so a corresponding ACE test can be created.)

Step 4: ACE Contacts Online Instruction

Upon receiving the instructor’s reply, the ACE representative emails Online Instruction with the accommodation details.

Step 5: Online Instruction Creates Accommodating Tests

An Online Instruction staff member copies all existing tests, creating a duplicate set with extended time for the ACE student.

Note:  While only the ACE student will be able to take the ACE tests, the ACE tests’ Grade Center columns will be visible to all students.  You may receive questions from students because of this, but please know that they only see the columns, and are not able to take the tests.

Step 6: Instructor Makes Changes/Edits to BOTH Tests

Once Online Instruction has created your ACE tests, if you wish to make any changes, you must do so to both the original and the ACE test, for continuity. The tests are not linked, so adjusting the original will not automatically affect the ACE copy.  This includes removing or adding questions, changing questions, and adjusting test settings and dates.

Exception to the above rule: If you are using question sets or random blocks, making changes to the question wording in the pool will affect both tests.

Automatic Regrading of Test Attempts

If you haven’t already discovered this recent update to Blackboard, I’ve got exciting news for you…

You can now edit test questions, change correct answer choices, adjust point values, provide full credit to all students, and delete questions – even after students have taken an exam!  Blackboard will automatically regrade all submissions, and apply the changes to all future attempts!

Changing the Correct Answer Choice for a Question

After students have submitted test attempts, you can change the correct answer choice of a question, which will cause all existing test attempts to be regraded.

In the Grade Center, click a test’s Action Link in the column header to access the contextual menu:

Action Link for Quiz 1

Select Edit Test:

Edit Test

On the Test Canvas, click the Action Link of the question you want to edit:

Action Link for Question

Select Edit:

Edit on the Question Action Link Menu

Change the correct answer choice, and make any textual edits.
Then click Submit and Update Attempts to save your changes:

Submit and Update Attempts button


Providing All Students With Full Credit for a Question

You can give Full Credit for a particular question to all students who attempted (or will attempt) the test, make the question worth zero points, or make the question extra credit.  New grades are recalculated for all previously submitted tests and any attempts in progress.

In the Grade Center, click a test’s Action Link in the column header to access the contextual menu:

Action Link for Quiz 1

Select Edit Test:

Edit Test

Click a question’s current point value:

Point Value

In the Update Points pop-up, edit the points, set the question as Extra Credit, or give Full Credit:

Point Value Extra Credit and Full Credit

Click Submit and Regrade to make your changes:

Submit and Regrade


Deleting a Question

You can delete questions from the Test Canvas before or after a test is deployed. You can also delete a question if there are test submissions, which removes it from the test, along with any possible points earned. Test attempts are regraded as if the question was not included in the test.

In the Grade Center, click a test’s Action Link in the column header to access the contextual menu:

Action Link for Quiz 1

Select Edit Test:

Edit Test

On the Test Canvas, click to place a check-mark next to one or more questions to delete:


Click one of the Delete and Regrade buttons, at the top or bottom of the list of questions:

Delete and Regrade buttons above and below the questions


The instructions above are  available as a downloadable PDF file.

For additional information, see Blackboard’s Getting Started with Automatic Regrading PDF.

For a video demonstration of changing point value, converting a question to extra credit or providing full points for the question, as well as a demonstration of deleting questions, please see Blackboard’s Automatic Regrading Video Tutorial.

Video Tutorials: Make-Up Tests

In a case where a student has simply missed the deadline, follow the steps in the Reopening Tests video.

If the student attempted the quiz and had technical difficulties, follow the steps in the Clearing Attempts video.

If the student attempted the quiz once, and the deadline has passed, follow the steps in both the Reopening Tests and the Clearing Attempts videos.